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David Zeunert & Associates provides the most qualified and comprehensive analysis for the client's needs of buildings, sites, environmental concerns, and includes all related ADA, life safety, and governmental code requirements.

The firm evaluates the client's needs and establishes the optimum team of specialists in the many disciplines for that particular project. The team is closely coordinated through CAD drawings and data tables, as well as on-site field collaboration and client coordination. The team members represent licensed architects, professional engineers, structural engineers, environmental consultants, value engineers, and specialized experts in a particular discipline as required (acoustical, lighting, etc.).

David Zeunert & Associates' consultation experience represents major disciplines in healthcare facilities, multi-cultural art museums, and multi-disciplinary libraries.

This analysis is compiled into an extensive report which includes the following:

DZA’s collaborated re-assessment of client’s program

DZA’s team of experts written reports; architects, engineers, environmental consultants, value engineers, other specialists

Graphics analysis (diagrammatic drawings, plans, charts, data sheets)

Executive summary

A finite report on the client's needs is available as a hard copy and/or CD-ROM format.

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