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Office of Dr. Laff

The objective was to create a suite for a specialized dentist who does orthodontic restoration, which involves long treatment sessions with the patients. An atmosphere was needed to represent the doctor's professional credibility and concern for the comfort for patient, as mitigation of patients' dental fear was essential for the success of this practice.

The patient entrance and waiting area has full access to a receptionist. This environment was enhanced by a curvilinear receptionist desk complimented by additional curved treatment and counseling areas, providing sculptured enclosures between the exterior window vistas of the waiting room and commissioned bronze sculptures spanning the space between two walls.

The treatment rooms were specialized spaces having curved forms and a domed ceiling featuring hemispheric luminaries. Since patients are in a supine position for many hours in restorative dental work, the ceiling's hemispheric luminaries’ geometry has two lighting systems. Fluorescent lights provided high illumination for dental work, while low-level incandescent lighting for patients' extensive waiting periods.

The three treatment rooms are derived from within one large circular form. This configuration creates a quality space which achieve optimum usage of space, as well as minimum circulation for the doctor and his assistants.

This project was featured on a video by the American Dental Association for outstanding dental design.

Reception area
Typical treatment room
Typical treatment room, showing ceiling lighting.
Floor plan

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