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North Sheridan Medical Center

The location represented the needs of a group of medical physicians, Loyola University, and the City of Chicago. The Doctor’s Group had needs for multi-discipline medical practices. The University needed substantial automobile parking for its students. The Chicago Transit Authority needed a bus terminal for several bus lines in conjunction with its adjacent rapid transit station.

The street level allotment was critical for circulation and proper identification for patron usage. Since the parking structure required significant horizontal space, a larger portion of the site was designated for that purpose. Consequently, the medical facility was developed as a multi-story structure to accommodate the many doctor groups, as well as become a symbolic tall mass that identified the medical offices of this complex.

The bus terminal was positioned at street level underneath the parking structure, providing protection from inclement weather. The parking structure was ramped with automobile space commencing above the bus terminal for zoned circulation between buses and autos. The garage upper levels were zoned between medical patrons and student usage, and had connecting bridges to the medical tower.

Site plan
Ground level plan
Second level plan
Third level plan

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