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Quail Ridge Multi-Family Housing

This publicly-funded development for residential housing had significant cost restrictions for the homes, including a specific square footage allotment per room.

David Zeunert & Associates combined four homes into quadruplet complexes. This combination reduced cost by sharing one half of the perimeter walls. Additionally, the quadruplets created more space for landscaping.

Since the roof represents a major portion of the building, a need to reduce this cost was achieved by developing all units to have the same roof span. Therefore, a standardized roof truss was designed for all units and aided in efficient construction scheduling.

Aesthetically, it was important that homes have individual expression. This was achieved by off-setting the units along the party walls on the X axis and on the Y axis. Further unit expression was achieved by various combinations of two and three bedroom units within the quadruplets.

Since the governmental square foot restriction was for the floor areas per room, it did not identify ceiling heights, thus the opportunity to create interest was achieved with the living rooms' ceilings being extended to the sloping roofs.

Therefore, with savings in party walls and standardized roof trusses, two-story living room ceilings were permitted within the overall budget, allowing the ceiling height enhancements found in more expensive quality homes to be part of this project.

Site plan

Various unit configurations

Front elevation

Side elevation

Floor plan of two-bedroom unit

Floor plan of three-bedroom unit

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