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Loyola Medical Center: Building 53

Conversion analysis of Hines Veterans Hospital structure

The Loyola University Medical Center site is landlocked in the Chicago suburb of Maywood, adjacent to the Hines Veterans Administration medical facility which has unused structures available for leasing. Hines’ Building 53 was a typical 1930's structure of a three-story Georgian style with an H-shaped geometric configuration. An evaluation was required of its infrastructure and adaptability for Loyola’s needs.

The analysis required the full services of the following:

  1. Professional engineers for the HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems' functional ability.

  2. Structural engineers for the building's structural integrity

  3. Environmentalists for asbestos abatement.

  4. Architects for the usability of the existing building materials, interior space usage, and life safety compliance.

Since construction documents did not exist for the building, a comprehensive on-site field survey was required. This survey was inputted into CAD computer programs that generated building plans and data tables. This format assisted the many engineers, architects, and environmentalists to compile and coordinate their data. This documentation determined that minimal modification was required to the infrastructure for a suitable building re-adaptation.

The second aspect of this study was to meet with Loyola’s departments being relocated to establish program needs and develop space allotted area within the building. Graphically, each department was color coded and assigned floor spaces demonstrating inter-working relationships.

A third aspect of the this study was to compile cost data on all aspects of mechanical, structural, environmental, and building components, life safety requirements, and architectural modification for departmental usage.

This comprehensive report provided extensive data for Loyola Medical Center in their evaluation of the Hines Veterans Medical Center existing building for adaptive reuse.

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