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Evanston Public Library

Report on expansion needs, infrastructure evaluation, and ADA adaptation

The library needed to expand approximately 50%, lacked ADA compliance, and the mechanical systems were not energy efficient. The city required an analysis for future functional operation of its facility.

The library's need for expansion was restricted to vertical development, as the current structure filled the entire site. The existing mechanical systems lacked appropriate maintenance. There was also an extensive lack of ADA compliance.

The structural engineer's evaluation determined that the existing structure could not accommodate additional floor loads. A costly structural system would require additional new columns and sub surface foundations to support additional floors.

Professional engineers determined that the existing mechanical systems -- which consisted of the original equipment -- represented the lesser-quality manufacturers, as well as poor installation. Modernization would require replacement of all related parts and equipment.

Code evaluation of ADA requirements demonstrated there was no compliance for the entrance access, level changes, washrooms usage, and corridors usage. These corrections would entail major modifications because of placements of washrooms adjacent to structural bearing walls, extensive level changes, and corridors against building mechanical spaces.

Cost analysis demonstrated that the required modification were major and the remaining architectural spaces are static, lacking flexibility for the future growth of this multi-disciplinary library.

The report justified the need for a new facility, which the City of Evanston sanctioned and authorized an international competition for a new Main Library.

Note, David Zeunert & Associates participated in this competition receiving a Honorable Mention and can be viewed on this website.

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