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Holy Family Convent

Assessment of continuing usage of a historic facility

A large convent complex that initially housed a large order of Nazareth Sisters currently constituted 50 members. The complex was established in 1907, had a chapel added in 1913, a second residence hall added in 1956, and a third residence hall in 1967.

The complex currently was oversized and was in non-compliance to life safety standards, violated the village building codes, lacked energy efficiency, and needed extensive building repairs.

David Zeunert & Associates presented four schemes that explored demolishing certain buildings, upgrading others and adding necessary new components.

This analysis entailed the following procedures:

  1. Procuring the building drawings from the village archives

  2. Complete on-site examination

  3. Collaboration with village building inspectors

  4. Coordination with professional engineers on mechanical equipment

  5. Environmental consultation on asbestos abatement

  6. Contractorís examination and cost proposals

A fifth scheme illustrated a new design complex.

This report was required for the Sisterís ruling order in Rome for this complex resolution.

Existing site plan
Existing floor plan
Proposed floor plan
Summary analysis

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