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Robbins Residence

This Colonial-style house had two-story front columns with a gracious surrounding yard that prevented access to the rear gardens. It also had a small kitchen, no family room, and minimal bathrooms for a family with three children. An addition was needed, and the design intent was to create a rear addition to the house that matched the front side.

The approach was to create a one-story loggia with a series of columns on the rear of the house, of the same design as the front. The one-story loggia columns respected the grand scale of two-story columns in the front and provided a protected transition to the garden area. A new terrace was developed from the loggia for outdoor entertaining and complimented with new landscaping.

This new allotted space for the first floor enabled the creation of a large family room to accommodate children and adults. The family room was constructed with an island that provided access to a new enlarged kitchen. This served their young children and neighboring friends for quick snacks, and enabled the parents to share broadcast football games with their friends. In addition, a much-needed guest bathroom on the first floor was created.

This addition addresses a number of shortcomings with the original house design, with the benefit of making the house holistic whith the same quality in the rear as in the front.

Exterior view.

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