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Plastic Surgery Suite of Dr. Stone

This suite was located in a re-adapted building in which the developer had pre-determined building standards of average quality. In addition, the developer had space planning standards that required the reception lobby to be an inside room, and illumination within the suites was presumed to be by means of direct lighting fixtures.

It was important in a plastic surgeon's suite that the examination room in particular to be provided with quality illumination from artificial and natural light sources while avoiding  harsh direct sources.

A key objective of the design was to bring natural light into the reception lobby. The receptionist desk was custom-designed to incorporate indirect light sources, as well as to provide a sense of openness to visitors while maintaining access control to the receptionist. Within the waiting room, the ceiling had light coves to provide indirect illumination, avoiding harsh direct lighting.

The corridor consisted of a millwork panel system recalling the exterior horizontal window mullions, with translucent glass panes inserted within these wall panels. This concept introduced natural illumination into the examination room.

The consultation room was a combined with the doctor's private office. The doctor had a unique glass artifact collection, which was displayed on glass shelves above his desk and illuminated with recessed luminaries within the casework, providing a museum gallery effect.

David Zeunert & Associates received from the North American Illumination Society an award for illumination on this project.

Reception lobby
Floor plan

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