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Weesaw Township Town Hall Administration and Emergency Facility

Comprehensive Analysis Report

The report addressed documentation of the existing building, analysis, space assessment, on going usage by staff with an executive statement.

The existing structure had no existing drawings and required a complete field survey of the existing architectural, mechanical, and structural systems, which was recorded into CAD computer documentation and photographs. The code analysis consisted of reviewing OSHA and the Michigan Building Code and costs related to correct these issues. Space assessment was conducted by interviewing all key personnel, including the board of trustees, the clerk, the treasurer, the fire chief, and the director of ambulance services to determine present and future needs.

The executive summary provided two approaches for the present Town Hall. One was to maintain the existing building with its combined functions of Administration and Emergency Services, representing a mixed-use occupancy of business and high-hazard classification that would incur substantial costs to correct the many code issues as it presently functions, and would still be insufficiently-sized for needs.

The second approach was to relocate the Administration portion into a separate building, and the existing Town Hall can be grandfathered into a single occupancy usage for Emergency Services, thus avoiding the substantial code correction cost. A two-fold benefit of this recommendation was that Emergency Services would then have their needed space and the code cost savings can be re-directed into the new Administration Building.

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