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Wilder Residence

The existing house, located in a Chicago suburb, was designed with features meant for a year-round warm climate. These features consisted of open carports and immense two-story glass windows. The house was large in square footage but had only one minimally-sized bedroom.

Space for a new master bedroom suite was derived from the existing 8-car carport, which allowed the additional living space to be built without disturbing the site for foundation excavation that would normally required. The carport was redesigned to incorporate the house's angular wood siding pattern, achieving a unified residence.

The second level of the carport provided generous square footage for this bedroom suite. There was a need for a private living separate from the very open and exposed living room... The area above the redesigned garage was developed into an intimate sitting area with a fireplace, a study area, a grand washroom with whirlpool tub, a generous storage facility, and a pleasant sleeping area.

Model photo showing surrounding site

Model photo of house

Model photo of interior

Model photo of interior


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