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Zeunert Residence

A row house constructed on a restricted narrow site in Chicago had bearing walls placed in such a way that resulted in narrow spaces and the additional problem of the kitchen being positioned at rear of the house, far from the forward dining room.

Since this unit was on the top floor, the bearing wall did not need to support an additional floor, only the roof. Therefore, a minimally-reinforced ceiling joist was added for roof support, permitting the existing bearing wall to be removed.

By repositioning the entrance to the floor below and eliminating the enclosed stair hall, the third floor became a single open space that occupied entire width of the building. The stair within the space was treated as a sculptured form and highlighted with curvilinear polished metal tubing to compliment it.

The new open space was divided with partial-height wood panels that separated the kitchen and study from the living/dining area, which allowed a higher ceiling height and greater feeling of space. This configuration achieved a functional kitchen adjacent to the dining area.

Indirect lighting and accent lighting compliment the newly created living room area, adding an additional quality of spaciousness.

Building exterior

Living room

Dining area


Floor plan


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